In the beginning of 2012 I recieved from a good friend a page from the book

"The frog and the Well"

written by Josh Langley..
The subtitle of the book is "Unconventional happyness".

Through the Internet I discovered that there were many inspiring texts in this book.
I then purchased an electronic version of this book.
The texts and drawings inspired me. This gradually gave rise to the idea of ​​copying the book and translating it into dutch.
Unfortunately, this idea remained on the shelf for quite some time, but when I had to undergo a knee operation, I thought I  would have lot of time during the healing process. I saw the possibility to start this project with a few colored pencils and a few sheets of A4 paper.

On June 13, I was hospitalized and operated on. The first days I was quite KO.
After a few days I made an attempt to translate and draw a few pages.

On June 19. I was transferred to rehabilitation in an other location.
Here I really enjoyed the project. Drawing and translating was a very good distraction, because when I was doing that, I forgot the pain.
Within a very short time, a considerable number of drawings hung on the wall.

My paper ran out quickly. But the nurses were very helpful and provided me with new paper.
Drawing and writing helped me a lot in that period, the texts were cheerful and inspiring.

Exactly what I needed. 

As a result, I always had a good sense and always had positive conversation topics.

I used one of the drawings as a profile picture on Facebook.
Within an hour this picture was noticed by the Australian facebook page "The frog and the well"
they wrote:


If you get such a response, it's super fun


After 7 and a half year I still draw the cards and as John Langley was my inspiration I draw one with Josh.